Lab Meetings

Anyone is welcome to attend our lab meetings, which are currently being held in-person (zoom available). See the lab calendar for details.

Prospective Graduate Students

If you are interested in working in our lab, please apply to one of the graduate programs offered by the Robotics Institute. Please contact Zac after you have been admitted.

Carnegie Mellon Graduate Students

If you have been admitted to CMU and are interested in joining our lab, send Zac an email with your CV and a short description of your background and interests. Also, feel free to join us for a group meeting at any time.

Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Students

We often have opportunities for undergraduates to get involved in our research. If you’re interested in robots, spacecraft, or control systems, send Zac an email or join us for a group meeting.

Visiting Student Researchers

We ocasionally have openings for visiting Masters students. Undergraduates looking for summer research positions are highly encouraged to apply to CMU’s RISS program