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This package facilitates the definition and evaluation of trajectory optimization problems. Importantly, this package should be considered more of a modeling framework than an optimization solver, similar to Convex.jl. While general trajectory optimization problems are nonconvex, primarily due to the presence of nonlinear equality constraints imposed by the dynamics, they exhibit a unique structure that allows purpose-built solvers such as Altro.jl to gain significant computational savings over the use of more generalized NLP solvers such as SNOPT and Ipopt.

This package deals with trajectory optimization problems of the form,

\[\begin{aligned} \min_{x_{0:N},u_{0:N-1}} \quad & \ell_f(x_N) + \sum_{k=0}^{N-1} \ell_k(x_k, u_k, dt) \\ \textrm{s.t.} \quad & x_{k+1} = f(x_k, u_k), \\ & g_k(x_k,u_k) \in \mathcal{K}, \\ & h_k(x_k,u_k) = 0. \end{aligned}\]

where $\mathcal{K}$ is a cone. Right now, only positive/negative orthants and second-order cones are supported.

Key features include:

  • Easy and intuitive interface for setting up trajectory optimization problems
  • Support for general, per-timestep constraints
  • Support for Second-Order Cone constraints
  • ForwardDiff for fast auto-differentiation of dynamics, cost functions, and constraints


See the Quickstart page for a quick overview of the API.


TrajectoryOptimization.jl can be installed via the Julia package manager. Within the Julia REPL:

] # activate the package manager
(v1.5) pkg> add TrajectoryOptimization

A specific version can be specified using

(v1.5) pkg> add TrajectoryOptimization@0.4.1

Or you can check out the master branch with

(v1.5) pkg> add TrajectoryOptimization#master

Lastly, if you want to clone the repo into your .julia/dev/ directory for development, you can use

(v1.5) pkg> dev TrajectoryOptimization

This will automatically add all package dependencies (see Project.toml). If you want to explicitly use any of these dependencies (such as RobotDynamics.jl), you'll need to individually add those packages to your environment via the package manager.